Revell 03601  STAR WARS - X Wing Fighter (1:112 Scale)


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Star Wars Jedi: The bright side of power is fighting as a rebellion with X-Wing spaceships The new Star Wars plastic modeling kits for gluing and painting offer model fans from 10 years now even more crafting fun. This is the rebel alliance's most important hunter and one of the most powerful single-seater Star Wars spaceships ever produced. The T-65 X Wing Hunter gets its name from its superimposed double wings, which form an X in combat missions to increase the pilot's firing range. In addition to four high-end laser cannons, the X-wing Fighter has prototype torpedoes, deflector shields, hyperdrive and a navigation droid. Luke Skywalker prefers this hunter type. He was used by the young Jedi to destroy the first Death Star at the Battle of Yavin. The X-Wing Hunter quickly proved to be one of the most effective military vehicles in the galaxy. The unusual wing design of the T-65 is often seen as a recipe for success of the spaceship. The double wing pairs remain closed during the normal flight at the speed of light. They can be deployed in battle and entering the atmosphere of a planet. At the tips of the wings there are high-energy laser cannons that are fired individually, simultaneously, in pairs or in other combinations. The Star Wars Model Spacecraft is perfect for all small and big Star Wars fans. Age recommendation: 10 years Scale: 1: 112 Age recommendation: 10+ Number of parts: 21 Length: 110 mm Span: 99 mm
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