Tamiya 77514  US Navy Aircraft Carrier Enterprise (1:700 Scale)


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Manufacturer: Tamiya
Part Number: 77514
Scale / Type: 1:700 Scale
Our Code: TMY77514
This is a plastic model assembly kit of the US Navy aircraft carrier, Enterprise, which was called Big E by numerous battle history, while it is a medium-sized hull with a displacement of about 19900 tons. Of the 22 major naval battles during the Pacific War, the 18th round, including the Midway Battle, and the symbol of the victory of the United States Navy, where the player continued to fight while being damaged 15 times, was reproduced with a high sense of reality. The kit was modeled after the late Pacific War with enhanced anti-aircraft weapons. Hellcat, Corsair, Avenger, Helldiver and other aircraft mounted on the flight deck will tighten Big E's fertile style. Total length 350mm when completed
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