RANGE SPOTLIGHT - Introducing Minitanks

Mark Holland

MARK HOLLAND looks at this range of Military Vehicle kits.

Minitanks Catalogue

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The MiniTanks range is a range of 1:87 scale plastic model kits by Roco, and as such makes them perfect to add something a little different to a HO railway layout - or just to model on their own.

The range is focused mainly on the post WWII/Cold War vehicles and tanks of the United States Army and the Deutsche Bundeswehr-German Federal Army, with a small selection of tanks and vehicles also available from the German army during the WWII period.

Minitanks Tiger Tank

MTK05115 Tiger Tank

The kits come finely moulded in dark green or sand coloured plastic, and in the case of wheeled vehicles separately black moulded tyres and metal axles. Included are simple pictorial assembly instructions which are easy to follow and show any assembly options from which to choose from. Unlike some other model kit manufacturers the caterpillar tracks are moulded in one piece, making assembly of usually the most difficult part of a tank kit no problem at all! Revell RL39604 Professional Glue is ideal for these kits.

Minitanks Leopard Sprue

The contents of the MTK05039 leopard 2 Tank Kit.

Minitanks Leopard Sprue

The instructions for the Leopard kit above, showing just how simple these kits are to put together.

To accompany the vehicles MiniTanks has a selection of accessories ranging from tents, Nissen huts and shipping containers to extra machine guns, jerry cans, tools and towing cables. Also available are wheel blocks and lashing chains for adding realism when using vehicles as a wagon load.

Minitanks Ten Man Tent

MTK05090 Ten Man Tent.

 Wheel Block & Lashing Chain Set

MTK05110 Wheel Block & Lashing Chain Set.

The fine, clean moulding and ease of assembly make these kits perfect for adding something a little different as loads on wagons or just as scenic additions to a layout. The range also easily lends itself to modelling dioramas with a large scope for weathering and modifications on a small or large scale. With the time frame of the last 70 years nearly everyone could find a use for even just one!

When combined with figures to “flesh out” the vehicles, even more can be achieved in bringing them alive and adding the organized hustle and bustle that accompanies modern armies in operation. Preiser do a range of suitible military figures.

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